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sysctl string on FreeBSD

The way to 'sysctl' string in the kernel module program

The sysctl_proc function:

char sysctl_str[1024];
static int
   int error;
   char *p;
   p = sysctl_str;
   error = sysctl_handle_string(oidp, p, sizeof(sysctl_str), req);
   if (!error && req->newptr) {
   error = SYSCTL_OUT(req, sysctl_str, sizeof(sysctl_str));
   return error;

Note: SYSCTL_OUT sends the value to user space, that is to update the MIB value.

   CTLTYPE_STRING|CTLFLAG_RW, 0, sizeof(sysctl_str), sysctl_str_ctrl, "A", "");


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